California, here we comeee

Is it really possible that we have reached the end of our second year of law school? People told me it would go fast, but I never imagined THIS fast! If I’m being honest, the idea of having just one more year here in Cambridge makes me pretty sad. I have come to love this little city of ours, the friends we have made, and–even though it’s insanely busy at times–being a law school couple is so much fun! When David is slaving away at some law firm in a few years, I just know we’re going to look back on these years and wish we could come back. So I’m trying to soak it all in as much as possible.

Spring semester, just like the fall, has been busy, busy, busy. We traveled to Ireland for spring break, I was able to go home for a week in April, we’ve had friends and family visit, and David has been working nonstop through it all.

Right now I am working for three different families during the week and an occasional fourth on the weekends. I stopped watching Wilder in March and picked up a family who is visiting from England for about seven weeks. The timing was absolutely perfect and they leave to go home on May 5th, just two days before we leave for the summer. A total answer to prayer since I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to find a replacement for that short amount of time. Nannying has been such a wonderful job during these years. It’s flexible so I’m able to go home for Christmas and follow David wherever his summer internship takes him. I was in weddings last fall that I was able to be a part of without stressing about getting time off. And the families I’ve met are amazing and have turned out to be lovely friends. Only one of my families will carry over to next school year, so I’m hoping finding new ones won’t be too difficult. Fingers crossed!

For David this semester has brought about a bit of transitioning. He was elected President of the Federalist Society here at HLS, along with the Supreme Court co-chair of the law review. Although both positions are for next school year, he has transitioned to both within the past month or two and has been learning and working within his new roles. Both positions will keep him busy as a 3L so unfortunately the popular law school adage “1L they scare you to death, 2L they work you to death, and 3L they bore you to death” will be untrue for us. Which makes me sad, but proud!

Perhaps the most exciting thing to happen this semester was David and his Ames teammates participating in the semi-finals and WINNING! The teams are made up of six individuals with two oralists. David was one of the oralists and did an amazing job! His team has advanced to the finals which take place in November and David will argue in front of a Supreme Court justice which is totally insane and exciting! We actually went to Ireland less than two weeks before the competition, so the hours we spent in the car driving David practiced his part to me and I asked him questions to help him prepare. Sooo I have given myself the title of “seventh man” who helped contribute to his success 😉   (totally kidding, kinda)

The team after the big win!

The second most exciting/big piece of news is that David accepted a second clerkship for 2019-2020 in Washington DC! It is such a wonderful opportunity and we’re looking forward to the exciting vibe of DC for a year. This was a tough decision, especially for me, because it was another year away from home. When we moved here we were thinking we would only be away for three years, and now it’s five. I’m beginning to think we’ll never move back home! I have to keep telling myself that the Lord has blessed us with some amazing opportunities and to view it all as a big adventure.

Once David finishes his last final next Friday, we’re hopping on a plane (with Annie!) and headed back to California for 14 weeks. For 10 of those weeks David will be a summer associate at Munger, Tolles, and Olson. He is excited to learn, work, and get to know the firm better. I’m currently figuring out what to do with my time while he works. I’ve thought about volunteering somewhere, taking a doula class, jumping on the bandwagon and trying out Crossfit, or all three?! Any input is welcome 🙂

If you’ve made it this far thanks for taking the time to catch up on our life! There are definitely negative aspects of social media but one I do love is being able to update loved ones and keep up with their lives as well.

Love to you all,


Holiday Happenings and End of Semester Blues

As I sit here typing, David is currently sitting across from me working away on some unknown project. We have reached the point in the semester where most of the school work has been finished, papers have been turned in, and finals are looming in the near future. Thanksgiving break arrived today, but I can’t say it’s been much of a break for my hard-working law student.

This semester has been one of the busiest so far. Yes I know this is only our third semester of law school, but given that everyone warned me about how awful 1L is, I’m feeling a bit betrayed by 2L. I was under the impression that 2L would be a breath of fresh air compared to our first year, but if I’m being honest, this semester has been the most difficult for me. This has however been an extremely busy semester for me also, so I’m thankful it has gone by as fast as it has.

I have traveled home to California twice to be a part of two of my best friend’s BEAUTIFUL weddings, celebrated one of the brides in Las Vegas, been a part of three bible studies (yes I know, way too much), hosted multiple friends and family who have visited, all while nannying four to five days a week. I think I definitely overcommitted myself this semester, and I’m hoping to slow things down in the spring. Our poor cat probably thinks she has been abandoned at this point since we are never home.

David keeps busy with his school work and all the commitments I listed in my previous post. He has excelled at all of them, and I’m so proud of how hard he’s worked this semester. His Moot court team, read about that here, moved on to the quarter-final round and is currently waiting to hear if they made it to the semi-final round.  At this point it drops from 18 teams to just four, so chances are slim but our hopes are high! (UPDATE: They heard back, and they MADE IT!) Semi-finals are in March, whoo-hoo!

Those are pretty much all the updates for this semester, happy holidays!

The Beginning of 2L

This week David started classes as a 2L (second year law student) and we are preparing for another great semester!  He is taking three classes: Corporations, Bankruptcy, and Taxation.  Along with his classes he is working as an editor for the Harvard Law Review, serving as Vice President for Speakers for the Federalist Society (the conservative, moderate, and libertarian student organization on campus), and participating in a Moot court competition (more on that later!). So I think it’s safe to say he will be plenty busy with all of his commitments!


After spending the summer interning at a firm in DC, we came back to Cambridge and David began on-campus interviews. This is when firms from all over the country send a representative or two to campus, and each student can bid for which firms they’d like to interview with.  They are interviewing for a summer associate job for 2017, which will most likely turn into a job offer once they graduate. Apparently things move fast around here! Knowing that we wanted to be back home in California once David starts working, he interviewed with about 13 firms from L.A. and San Francisco.  He received several callbacks and made a couple quick trips to L.A. for second interviews.  After weeks of pros and cons lists, serious thinking and praying, and many conversations with friends and family, David accepted a position with Munger, Tolles, and Olson in downtown L.A. This means we get to spend next summer in California! Yay!

While all this was happening, David was also busy applying to judicial clerkships all across the country.  A clerkship is a full year following graduation of assisting a federal judge with research, writing bench memos, and other responsibilities. Back in July he interviewed with a judge in Des Moines, Iowa and later accepted a clerkship offer! This means we will be living in Des Moines from August 2018 to August 2019.  At first I was disappointed with this because it meant another year living out of state, but I am actually excited for a change of pace and a slower way of life living in the midwest.  Who knows, maybe we’ll decide to stay?! 😉

After playing tourist all summer in D.C., I am definitely happy to be back in Cambridge and returning to a normal routine.  I am still nannying the two boys I was with last year, but have also added a sweet 8 month old named Wilder.  I also have a few other families I babysit for on and off so I keep plenty busy.  I have met some pretty wonderful friends, and we hold a bible study every week where we are able to share some yummy desserts, fellowship, and study a chapter of the Bible and discuss.  I can’t express enough just how much these friendships have meant to me, they helped get me through a difficult year of moving away from my family and into a strange new city. Their friendships are a true blessing!

One of my best friends, Nikki, is getting married this October!  Which means we will be in Chowchilla for a long weekend and are very much looking forward to it. And thennn my other best friend Talia is getting married just one month later! So many good things happening at once! I couldn’t be more excited for my friends.

Back to the beginning! Nikki, Talia, and I

I think that’s all for now, thanks for reading my rambling!

Home Home

Friends and Family,

Because the majority of our close friends and family are so far away, I figured an updated blog now and then would be a great way to update anyone who may be interested.

Living on the east coast while David attends law school is both a rewarding and challenging adventure.  We have reached our one-year anniversary since moving to Cambridge and after a summer internship, we are so thrilled to be back in our home.  I think I speak for both David and I when I say that our apartment in Cambridge has really become “home” for us and we’re looking forward to another two exciting years living here.

When I was in college my mom and I always referred to my dorm room as home, and home home was my parent’s house where I grew up.  Mom learned this from a good friend of hers who did the same with her daughter, and it stuck.  We’ve started to do the same since David and I moved to Cambridge, and it helps remind me that “home is where my husband is” and home home is where my friends and family are.

We miss California everyday and, Lord-willing, are looking forward to returning “home home” in the near future.

— Meg