Home Home

Friends and Family,

Because the majority of our close friends and family are so far away, I figured an updated blog now and then would be a great way to update anyone who may be interested.

Living on the east coast while David attends law school is both a rewarding and challenging adventure.  We have reached our one-year anniversary since moving to Cambridge and after a summer internship, we are so thrilled to be back in our home.  I think I speak for both David and I when I say that our apartment in Cambridge has really become “home” for us and we’re looking forward to another two exciting years living here.

When I was in college my mom and I always referred to my dorm room as home, and home home was my parent’s house where I grew up.  Mom learned this from a good friend of hers who did the same with her daughter, and it stuck.  We’ve started to do the same since David and I moved to Cambridge, and it helps remind me that “home is where my husband is” and home home is where my friends and family are.

We miss California everyday and, Lord-willing, are looking forward to returning “home home” in the near future.

— Meg


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